Body Image and Batman

This post is about my latest struggles in losing weight. I am not going to wax profound on body image in this post. Maybe another time. Who am I kidding, I always say that I will write something profound but I never do because I would much rather write about Batman or something. Um, speaking of Batman, how good was Dark Knight Rises? I know I am way late on this but I just watched it for the first time a few months ago. Which is ridiculous because I saw the first Dark Knight in the theatres opening night due to my dedication and love of Batman but this time around, I dunno, I guess I was at home watching all the TV shows ever. But yeah, Dark Knight Rises: twist ending, crazy Bane with the voice, and Christian Bale with a cane! Um, speaking of Christian Bale is it true that that was his last time playing Batman? Like is Ben Afflek really taking over? I am sure I could Google this stuff but I feel like if I put the questions out into the Universe, the Universe will answer (aka please comment and tell me what’s going on cause I am too lazy to Google). But if Afflek takes over, what’s going to happen? Aka what’s going to happen to Joseph Gordon Levitt who’s gonna be Robin? Is he gonna be Afflek’s Robin? This is all very stressful. I’ve had a love of Christian Bale since he was Laurie on Little Women. Don’t even get me STARTED on Little Women! I don’t care what ANYONE says, Laurie and Jo were meant to be together and Amy and the Professor can go stuff it as far as I am concerned. Amy can be the Professor’s trophy wife and like she’ll drive him crazy but the sex is good so he’ll stay and she’ll embarrass him at all his Professory events so he starts drinking more and more just to tolerate her and where he gets this money for the booze, god only knows but now Amy is basically living in a hovel with a drunken pretentious husband because THAT’S. WHAT. SHE. DESERVES. So the moral is Christian Bale IS. BATMAN. and I think him and JGL would have amazeballs chemistry. With me. In the bedroom. Hey-o!

Mother, may I?

Mother, may I?

Also, I’m trying to lose weight. Gotta start exercising, yadda, yadda, yadda. Will keep you updated. Blah blah blah.



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