Whoa, 7 months since I’ve written a blog post! For shame! For shame! But let’s not dwell on past mistakes. Let’s hold hands and look into the sunrise of a new day… poetry, bitches.

Anyway, despite the fact that I have not been blogging, I have been reading! Boy, have I been reading. Where am I in the 50 Book Pledge you may ask? Drum roll please….

bumbumbubmbumbubmubmbbraaaaaaaaaa (that’s a drum roll)

I have read 59 books! I know! I am incredible, no need to tell me. Now I am aiming for 75! What a ride it’s been, my friends. I’ve read some incredible books! I’m not going to pontificate on all these books right now; I’m thinking I’ll do a big post at the end of the year and list them all, discuss my favourites, etc. If you want to see what I’ve read so far, check out my 50 Book Pledge bookshelf: http://www.50bookpledge.ca/bookshelf/119101809k

My favourites so far, though, have been: The Mistress of Nothing, Remains of the Day, Never Let Me Go, The Red Tent, Great Expectations, and The Orenda. I highly recommend all of these.

How have I read this many books, you may ask? Well, it’s a combination of having no life, eating a lot of fast food, and being so very alone. (cue manic laughing that turns into tears)

But seriously folks, it’s been a good year for book-loving! Here are some exciting book-related facts/thoughts I want to share:

  • It’s currently literary prize season and I am an unashamed literary prize whore! Reading finalists for the Giller and Man Booker Prize is my crack-cocaine.
  • The Kingston WritersFest just happened a few weeks ago and I got a lot of great books signed, including one of my all time favourites, “Colony of Unrequited Dreams.”
  • I won all 13 books on the Giller Prize Longlist through their Twitter contest! The contest involved writing a 13 word description of one of the books on the list. Haven’t received the books yet but when I do, I am going to put them on the floor and dive into them like Scrooge McDuck! 
  • Alice Munro was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature today and this makes me extremely happy. I even cried a little when I read about it. I also like the fact that she didn’t publish her first book until she was 37. This makes me feel like I still have a chance to turn my life around (aka stop spending my time watching Gilmore Girls and planning out pointless stand-up routines), and actually sit down and start writing.

I think I might throw myself an Alice Munro party: Get some wine, some chocolate, put on the YouTube fireplace, and sink into one of her books I haven’t read yet. Mmm sexy.

Signing off now for sexy times.

Library Lyndsey


3 thoughts on “Update-palooza

  1. Oo The Orenda and The Red Tent are both on my TBR.

    I am super jealous of your contest win-what was your winning tweet? I did one for Hellgoing and got a reply from the author so that was pretty exciting 🙂

    • Nice! My tweet was The Son of a Certain Woman and it was “Look out, Newfoundland. Here comes Oedipus and his mother, Elizabeth Taylor. Start praying!” I got a Tweet from his publisher who said she was in a cab with him and they were chuckling at it! Twitter is cool. I am so excited for my books!

      Can’t wait to read Hellgoing too. It was good?

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