A #50BookPledge Moral Dilemma

I am the type of person who stops reading if I don’t like a book. I think that life is too short to force yourself to read something you’re not into. There are too many other great books!

So hypothetical scenario re: the #50BookPledge. If you start to read something– and you announce publicly that you are reading it– do you have to finish it? What if you’re more than half way through, and what if the book you’re reading is recommended to you by multiple friends and family members who are REALLY into it and then what if you hate it so badly but are too scared to tell people because you’re afraid they will burn your hair when you’re sleeping or something. What’s a reader to do?

I think you can guess by now that this hypothetical person is none other than yours truly. And the book I am referring to: Book #11: “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon. I liked it at first: time travel, Scotland in the 19th century, politics, intrigue and Scottish bandits. But then it turned into 50 Shades of Grey meets the Scotland highlanders. (Although I have never read 50 Shades, I know enough about it to comfortably make this comparison.)


I am about 60% finished the book and perhaps things calm down– perhaps the male protagonist stops beating his wife and being a misogynistic, controlling dick and perhaps the female protagonist stops being a pathetic pinheaded dolt– but I just don’t want to spend the time to find out.

Truthfully, I did try. For 2 weeks, I wouldn’t let myself read anything (not even the AMAZING new history of SNL book I bought) until I was done Outlander. But I just ended up not reading at all and watching Saved by the Bell on Netflix instead.

I need to get reading again… So I’m calling it: 8:22pm, Thursday, March 21. Rest in peace, Outlander.

Sorry to the people who adore this series. Please don’t hate me. Please don’t make a voodoo doll in my likeness or put arsenic in my soup. I will not judge you if you do not judge me.

Now on to bigger and better things (and re-doing Book #11 since I only want to count it if I’ve read the whole thing): “Live From New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live.” Now that’s more like it.

Peace and love,


One thought on “A #50BookPledge Moral Dilemma

  1. I agree Lyndsey, I have a book like that and it is still sitting on the shelf, just could not get into it, but lots of people did. If your not feeling it, dont waste your time, too many other good things to read!!!!!

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