Bad books and Beautiful blankets (alliteration!!!)

Book #4, “Dust City” by Robert Paul Weston was a disappointment. Good premise, bad writing. If you feel like a modern look at fairy tales, watch Shrek instead. Hell, watch Shrek 2. Even that’s better. I don’t like to be harsh but I was just saddened by the potential of the story and the crappiness of the writing.

But my mother taught me that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all so instead of a writing a bad review, I shall write about my other favourite thing besides reading… CRAFTING! (yay!)

I named this blog “Libraries and Lace,” because although it’s mainly a book blog, I wanted the “lace” part to represent my love of crafting, mainly crocheting and knitting. That’s right. Just when you thought I couldn’t get any nerdier!

I won’t drone on about my love of the yarny arts at this point, but I thought I’d share a few pics.

The first 2 are of the blanket I made for my sister and her family for Christmas. It took me 2 months but it was so much fun to make and I loved the way it turned out. I basically crocheted all these squares and then stitched them together. I am very proud and braggy.

kb1 kb2


Now, I am working on advancing my knitting skillz (adding a z makes it cooler). I’m knitting a bright pink, wicked cool scarf for moi. See…



Well, there you have it, my possums. Another layer of Library Lyndsey’s onion has been peeled.

Also, currently reading Book#5: “Charlotte and Emily: A Novel of the Brontes,” by Jude Morgan. AMAZE BALLS  so far!


Library Lyndsey


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